Available courses


Inglés para la enseñanza por medios telemáticos complementando los materiales e instrucciones facilitadas por Séneca o la recepción de tareas por gmail.
  • Teacher: Helena Arteche

2º Bachillerato English - Helen

This is where you can submit your answers to the Textbook homework tasks for the 3rd term and find other instructions and explanations.
  • Teacher: Helena Arteche

B1 Preparation English Course - Helen

An elective subject for 1st Bachillerato students wishing to prepare for their B1 examinations or simply to improve their overall level of English from a competential and communicative approach.

English for Administrative Procedures 1stCFGS

This course aims to make students familiar with the language used in everyday administrative and office procedures such as email or report writing, interacting for different purposes, handling documents in commercial transactions, job hunting and so on. At the end of the course the students should …
  • Teacher: Helena Arteche